The Super-specialist in grass cutting and maintenance

Whether in mountain pastures, on hillsides & slopes, road embankments, in city parks and gardens, sports grounds ranging from football pitches, riding grounds and golf courses, or any other area which requires grass cutting and maintenance, the Ergit TTR is the specialist of its category. Its operational speed, precision manoeuvrability and capacity for working on slopes is truly amazing: amongst Antonio Carraro's ?flagships? the TTR is a super-specialised, ?made to measure?, multifunctional, modern concept tractor.

Its compactness and unbeatable stability due to its width, low centre of gravity, four equal wheel drive and wide track combined with an exceptionally powerful motor, constant traction and its tight turning circle means that the TTR is capable of working on all types of terrain and can cope with all difficulties and unevenness in all conditions and climates throughout the whole year.

Reversible drive and elevated ergonomics make the task at hand easier by noticeably reducing the operator's fatigue while increasing average operational time with a consequent saving of time and energy.  The TTR can quickly and easily change a large number of tools and pieces of equipment thereby enabling it to carry out a wide variety of tasks even beyond those for which it was originally designed.

It is amazing to see it working to an extremely high standard in any type of environment and on every type of terrain: the combination of exceptional agility and good engine power with equipment such as the fork lift, front loader, side arm, snow blade, mower, trailer, cutting machine just to mention the most commonly used tools, gives the operator, situation after situation, the sensation of having not one tractor but many.