Super specialised.  Ultra Low Profile Ergit? Personality

Each tractor from the Ergit Series is different because each one has been designed for a different type of customer.
The TGF is a powerful, multifunctional tractor with a wide range of end-uses: ploughing, crop maintenance in vineyards and orchards, working the ground on steep slopes, routine farm tasks.
Sleek Design, Compact Construction
The TGF is a streamlined tractor, ideal for getting easily amongst rowed crops without damaging either the plants or the machine's bodywork. The compact structure with slightly bigger rear wheels ensures great manouevrability and perfect grip even on the most difficult terrain. Its constant traction (astonishing with 20 inch front wheels and 24 inch rear wheels) guarantees maximum safety even on slopes.

Even with its extraordinary dimensional characteristics as a "superlow" tractor ideal for all types of orchards, greenhouses or vineyards under trellis, the TGF offers an elevated degree of ground clearance. This ingenious combination, exclusive to this new Antonio Carraro tractor, guarantees a versatility of use much superior to that of all other models of the same category currently on the market.  Beware of immitations. This is the original innovator and still the most advanced of it's kind.