Model changes starting June 2017


In order to comply with the new Euro 6 emissions standards
all of the  following models will cease production in June 2017 and will be available untill end of stock.

  • TRX 10900
  • TGF 10900
  • TTR 10900
  • TRH 9800
  • MACH 2 & 4


TRX and TGF will be available in 9900 (89hp) versions for new orders taken from March.


The TRX, TGF, MACH2 and MACH4 will be available in the new ERGIT R evolution  series, which includes the Kubota 10900 3B engines, towards the end of the year.

The TRH will be replaced by the TONY TR/SR and also the TTR 7600 Infinity, which will be available towards the end of the year.

TTR 7800 will still be available.

The ERGIT R EVOULUTION SERIES represent an ultimate upgrade.

It doesnt just means cleaner engines, but also more sophisticated design, which includes a new cabin as well as other operational feature.

More information on price and availability of those models will be issued in June.






Antonio Carraro compact tractors strike gold


The mining industry is another sector in which our tractors have recently been involved.


In the state of Victoria, AC compact tractors have been an important part on the daily operation of a gold mining site.


Mining operations often face difficult challenges because of confined working areas and harsh conditions.


While the original purchase of the Antonio Carraro tractors was purely for transporting explosives, they saw more potential to improve their operation.


The mine operators replaced their existing large and bulky vehicles, used for drilling and placing the explosive charges, with the TN 5800 Major which has been fitted with a lifting platform.


This has allowed the mine site operators to deliver and place the explosives in the shaft in a tight space, on often uneven ground, with one operator whereas the previous method required two operators.


Thanks to its constant 4 wheel drive and oscillating chassis the AC tractors range offers safety and durability, even in the toughest conditions.




Antonio Carraro Mach2 is our favorite


The duo track model has only recently entered the Australian market, but it already has heads spinning.


Here is a great article "THE LAND" has published early this month about it and see the link below for video of a demo in the Adelaide Hills:


Mach 2 article in The Land


Adelaide Hills steep vineyard demo



The Mach2 model will be with us during different field days across the country. 


Ask your dealer for more information.