The Hydrostatic
It has the technological and quality characteristics of the Ergit Series: ACTIOTM oscillating chassis, reversible, multifunctional, powerful. It is a vehicle with an elevated degree of ergonomics, safety and reliability with an added benefit which makess it revolutionary - hydrostatic transmission.  The TRH is, in fact, fitted with a hydrostatic-mechanical variator which makes it ideal for those situations which require rapid forward and backward movements in quick succession. With the forklift, loader, snow blade and blower or with any other type of equipment, in either an agricultural or maintenance context, the TRH represents a giant leap into the future in terms of the evolution of specialised compact tractors. Its versatility affords it a wide variety of uses in that it can be fitted with numerous front, rear and top fitting tools and implements.

The exceptional weight distibution (machine + equipment) guarantees stability on slopes and good lifting capacity. On request the TRH can be fitted with the "Star Light" air-conditioned cab, the latest design, which offers maximum drive comfort and perfect all around 360 visibility over high equipment such as a front end loader, reach mower and forklift thanks to the panoramic roof. The TRH has 4 speed ranges (0>10 / 0>20 / 0>30 / 0>40). By engaging the "automotive" device (patented by Antonio Carraro) the speed of the vehicle can be increased at the same time as the engine revolutions. This function, activated by the operator himself, guarantees also a big saving of fuel.